Friday, 7 February 2014

Strategies for Working with a Disability!

So, it is the dawn of a new year. All the holiday festivities are behind us, and our normal routines of day to day life are back in full swing. At least for most of us. For me, a 48 year old man, who has spent most of his life healthy and active, this is the beginning of a very different chapter in my life. For the last 4 years I have been struggling with a crippling disease.
There is no cure, only treatments to help cope with the pain, and slow down the destruction to my joints.
So why bring this up? Well it has drastically effected my ability to work. Caused a full stop to everything. I haven't given up however, not at all. My family and I have just recently moved into a lovely new home, and I am embarking on a quest to built a studio in the basement suited to my “Special needs”. I never realize how difficult it is for people with just the slightest disability to work with computers and animation software.
So that's is part of what this blog is about. How I go about tackling this challenge. Of course the second part is following my journey as I attempt to produce a massive silly Stop-motion, CGI film. So stay tuned.

Below is my soon to be studio, lots of work ahead of me!!!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

New Website

Last month I let my website expire. As I am now a subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud I figured why not use the web tools that they provide. Might as well, I am paying for it.
Anyway so here is a crappy temp placeholder. When I get a bit of time. I'll bang up a proper job.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Off Topic

Ok, so here is the latest for those couple of peeps who have followed my situation. As some of you know I was, and I stress, was a full time VFX artist. I had to stop a few years ago due to a very painful medical condition. At first the docs where treating me for something called Psoriatic arthritis a chronic disease that can cause inflammation of the tendons, cartilage, eyes, and lung lining
 I have just recently been told I also have Spinal Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine)
The good news is, finally after months of waiting I am heading into the hospital for some Relief. The pain clinic, where I will be getting either an epidural steroid injection or a lidocaine infusion. Both treatments are meant to reduce the pain, not a cure but a temporary measure to reduce the chronic pain.
So hopefully this will mean i can get back to work, and working on my long over due Stop motion film.
I should have an update next week.

My MRI and CT scans show bone spurs impeding into my spinal cord both in my neck and in my lumbar area of my back.
This effects both my arms and legs.
Major bumber.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Not all Stop Motion

This film will be employing both "Practical Effects" and CGI FX, this is a test I did a while back for a demolition FX. I was testing out a Maya plugin called Fracture-FX. I liked the plugin a lot, so I shall be purchasing a licence in the near future.

Update coming soon

Even though there hasn't been much activity on this blog, I have been busy. I will posts some updates very soon. Starting with my collection of figures and props. I have acquired a large number of items over the last year and feel like we are getting close to going into productions.